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Jiangsu Hiteker High-tech Co., Ltd. (referred to as Hiteker; stock code: 600122) is a large joint-stock enterprise approved by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and China Securities Regulatory Commission and established in the way of raising, it is the first listed company in Jiangsu electronic information industry and its registered capital is 1.14997350 billion yuan. The company is a comprehensive and large listed company integrating four core businesses, namely retail chain industry, electronics manufacturing industry, Internet finance and real estate development, as well as financial equity investments. It currently employs nearly 10,000 people. It was identified as a high-tech enterprise by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology and its trademarks "Hiteker" and "Hisap" were identified as China's well-known trademarks.

Hiteker is a large modern enterprise mainly engaging in retail chains, electronics manufacturing, Internet finance and real estate development. IDT International, which was newly acquired in 2015, aims to further enrich the company's product lines of retail chains and achieve fast distribution of retail chains in the medium and high-end markets to meet the growing consumer demand for medium and high-end products.

In terms of retail chains, its subsidiary Hisap is a leading 3C retail and service chain enterprise in China, its main products cover many areas, including computers, telecommunications, smart living, digital products, DIY computer assembly and IT accessories, new, strange and special products and accessories, various external devices, network and server equipment, office automation and supplies and other accessory products, software and IT books, service products, etc. In its development process, Hisap considers "innovation" as the major focus, it has been seeking for changes since its funding, constantly makes breakthroughs, internally and externally coordinates industrial resources and carries out full-channel O2O layout. In 2015, in combination with industry trends and its own advantages, the company identified the "new, strange, special, high-tech and Internet" market positioning, completing the gorgeous transformation to "full-channel and professional retail service providers". In the future, the new mode will be positioned at an influential and creative mode that can comprehensively meet users' diversified, convenient and professional product experience and consumer demand with full channels, scene experience, specialization, leading smart living and new, strange and special products as the core.

The company's "Red Express service" brand and professional "five guarantees and three frees (guarantee for lifelong maintenance, guarantee for compensation, guarantee for replacement, guarantee for visiting and guarantee for instructions as well as free cleaning, free screen protectors and free optimization)" service offers full services and support, including on-site maintenance, system installation and commissioning, application guidance, technical maintenance, after-sale services, etc. They cooperate to provide customers with more professional, ultimate and convenient experience and ecological services.

Hisap has successively won No. 20 among China's top 100 chain enterprises, China's top 10 e-commerce chain enterprises, the "Most Influential Chain Enterprise" on the list of best brands, the best O2O case in China's chain industry, Man of the Year in China's retail industry and other industry awards. It has reported national pilot projects, Jiangsu Provincial projects to guide finance-promoted services, information industry projects, Jiangsu Provincial projects to guide services and other national, provincial and municipal projects, which were approved. Hisap's brand reputation and influence has been further improved.

As for manufacturing, the company has always been based on the building of an outstanding electronic information brand and a leading enterprise in electronic information industry. At present, the company has formed high-tech manufacturing clusters focusing on communications equipment, optical cable, consumer electronics, computers and printers. The company has established large-scale optical communication production, R & D and manufacturing bases in Nanjing, Wuxi and other areas, which specialize in the R & D and production of multi-category optical communication products, including fiber optic cable, power cable, communication cable, power carrier equipment, optical fiber access equipment, distribution automation, smart instrumentation, video surveillance, communication power supply, program-controlled switching equipment, etc. The company ranks among China's top 100 electronic information enterprises and Jiangsu high-tech enterprises with the qualification of provincial enterprise technology center.

In terms of real estate, as a pioneer representative of Nanjing outstanding real estate enterprises, the company adheres to the concept of "building houses that can be inherited by children" with a long-term commitment to the development and management of quality residences. It advocates building high-quality and high value-added fashionable residential areas. The company has developed the Hongtu·Park Garden, for which it has received "A Trustworthy Developer for China's Real Estate Consumers", "Most Socially Responsible Company in Nanjing, China", "Nanjing's Most Influential Real Estate Brand", "Top 10 Honest Real Estate Developers in Nanjing" and other titles and won the "Award for Special Contribution toward Urban Construction on the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC" and the "Gold Medal for Nanjing's Boutique Properties on the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC".

Currently, China's capital market is in the development stage with great market fluctuations. In order to better resist the risks of cyclical fluctuations in markets, enhance the margin of safety of the company's share price and safeguard the interests of the company and shareholders, the company has identified the "core business+financial investment" strategic positioning, namely, on the basis of vigorously developing core business, distributing various types of high-quality financial assets through acquisitions and equity participation and achieving steady growth in company value.

Currently, Hisap holds the shares of Huatai Securities, Bank of Jiangsu, Jintai Futures, Nanjing Hiteker Small Loan Company, Heartever Insurance Co., Ltd., Jiangsu JinSuZheng Investment Development Co., Ltd., ABC Wuxi Equity Fund and other financial institutions.


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