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Board Supervisors

Board Supervisors

  • Categories:公司治理
  • Time of issue:2020-11-12 14:50:23
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The board of supervisors is the company's supervisory body, which is established in parallel with the board of directors. It is responsible to the shareholders' meeting. It is an internal organization supervising the board of directors and general manager administration system.


The sixth board of supervisors of the company is composed of one employee supervisor (elected at the second session of the third Workers' Congress in 2013) and two supervisors (elected at the second interim shareholders' meeting in 2013).


Personal profile

Chairman of the board of supervisors

Mr. Tan Jiamin: Chinese, born in 1963, Han nationality, bachelor. He once served as Financial Manager of Nanjing Zhongcui Food Co., Ltd., Chief Financial Officer of Nanjing Shunhao Glass Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager of Hisap Corporation and supervisor, director and Chief Financial Officer of the company. Currently, he is the Vice President of SanPower Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the board of supervisors of the company.


Mr. Li Min: Chinese, born in 1979, Han nationality, bachelor, accountant. He once served as Manager of Finance Department of Nanjing Ruigao Industry Co., Ltd., Executive Manager of Nanjing Tianxiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Manager of Finance Department, Deputy General Manager of Operation Management Department and Director of Financial Management Center of Nanjing Hisap Technology Development Co., Ltd. At present, he is the Executive Vice President of SanPower Group Co., Ltd. And a supervisor of the company.

Employee supervisor

Ms. Xiang Bixiao: Chinese, born in 1982, Han nationality, bachelor. She once worked at the post of capital management and served as General Ledger Accountant in Financial Management Department of Hisap Corporation; now she is Deputy General Manager of Financial Management Department of Hisap Corporation and an employee supervisor of the company.