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  • Hisap is a leading 3C chain enterprise in China at present. Guided by WDM mode, and boosted by domestic and overseas merger and acquisition, Hisap is making full efforts to create a global leading retail chain enterprise which covers IT, communication and electric appliances, and integrates all online and offline channels. In 2014, the Company successively obtained many industrial honors, such as the 20th place among China Top 100 Chain Enterprises, China Top 10 Chain Enterprises for E-commerce, “The Most Influential Chain Enterprise” in the Brand Value List 2013, Top 020 Cases of China Chain Industry, China Annual Retail Personage, etc.

    3C Chain
  • Engraft innovative financial services based on off-line businesses, complete the closed loop of transactions, data and funds through payment, meet online and offline operation demands of its businesses, and finally create the “full channels + finance+ scene” ecological circle.

    Financial Service
  • In virtue of the professionalism and influences of Council International in the artworks auction industry, help the Company realize the extended development of cultural industry, form diversified coordinated industrial structures with existing big consumption and big finance, and raise the sustainable development ability of the listed company

    Auction of artworks
  • Hiteker manufacture includes photoelectric communications industry, copper processing industry, computers, printers and the like. The industry consists of Fiber Optic Cable & Cable Branch, Changzhou Copper Branch, Nanjing Fujitsu Computer Product Co., Ltd. and other units.

    Technological manufacturing
Hisap Corporation
Founded in 2000, Hisap Corporation (Hisap) is China's largest professional 3C chain enterprise. Its multi-format stores cover over 200 cities in North, East, South, Southwest, Central China and other regions and it ranks 20th among China's top 100 chain enterprises.
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